Defendant Lobby no. 42



The struggle is real, tho.  

your a penis


Been a little while but I’m still battling
Moving fast while you’s just prattling
No time for me
No tangling
Hit you in the spot with no angle and

I’m not a princess
(A lot of anger in it)
Not your cutie girlfriend, oh no
don’t you know?

Flashy rhymes coated with spangles
Add some sounds in it times wangles
Three dots connect to rectangles
Just like music sounds connect to rambles

You cannot run away
(Hell nah no man can run away)
From me I stay in your head as
one big threat!

It’s demolition
Wiping all out
(Wipe out)
I won’t go
(Yeah, yeah)
Until it’s over
(Once again)

It’s coalition
Pieces of wreckage
Come to me
and let it be one


"describe bionicle in one sentence" well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend this is 4,000 words without periods or commas


"describe bionicle in one sentence" well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend this is 4,000 words without periods or commas

Aug 8


ok so my LEGO Ideas project for a dinosaur exhibit set was just approved! So I’m calling to you people for support! If you’d want to see my painstakingly-crafted dinosaur skeletons produced as an official LEGO set, head on over here and support it!

Aug 7


this was a complete waste of time

(i wish i had been able to keep the voice blips but i had to choose between leaving them out, leaving the original music in the background, or adding in each individual blip manually)

An apology

So the other day I got pretty heated about a certain BZP contest.

First, let me say up front: from the evidence I’ve seen now, I’m not convinced what happened was entirely a misunderstanding.  I understand I might be wrong on that, but there’s no decisive proof here either way, and what I’ve seen makes me feel that way.  So parts of the sentiment I expressed in that post stand.

But - I posted that before hearing anything from the other side involved, and working off of evidence that seemed more complete than it was.  On top of that, I let my knee-jerk reaction get the better of me.  In other words, in a post I intended to call out negativity in the fandom (with a few allusions to other issues like poor fact-checking) - I was being pretty damn negative, and I didn’t check things through as much as I thought.

I’m sorry for any role that post played in fanning the flames.  I made it because I was angry that it looked like a positive way of having the fandom interact was being twisted and made negative - and in doing so I only made that negativity worse.

At this point, it’s kind of pointless to remove (it’s been reblogged elsewhere, and as I said above, I still in part feel the way I did when I wrote that post), but I’ve added a link to Kahi’s take on things.

Moral of the story: if you see me reaching to make an indignant post, spray me with one of those cat bottles and tell me to wait fifteen minutes.


i remember krahka and onewa being a thing?

[eyes slowly slide over to the left]


You called, Becca?


You called, Becca?


Maybe I’m missing something but what did they really do wrong here

Like yeah the way they went about this was pretty dickish but it’s not like they CHEATED or anything if I’m understanding this correctly, no matter when they chose to vote they probably would have voted against DV anyway

I’m just saying I remember a while back the TTV crowd threw a fit because we promoted a BAC entry on the Lunacy and it won and they thought that was unfair or something, so aren’t we kind of validating their dumb ideology there by taking issue with their coordinating voting thing

My issue with it - as I hope I made clear - is that they purposely threw a contest for the sake of getting back at one participant, and they did it in such a way as to provoke as much as possible.  Then they taunted BZP directly about it.

I realize I’m now getting very serious business over a building contest on a fansite about a kid’s toyline, but - these contests are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for the community, and that’s badly undermined by people turning them into a ground for their own personal revenge.  And as I said before, it only worsens inter-site relations.

I’m honestly not a fan of the Lunacy/BAC promotion stuff, but at least that was a “vote for us”, not “don’t vote for them”.  (Unless it was the latter, in which case I’m giving you one hell of a side-eye.)

(Source: dviddy)

[Note: This was written before TTV had a chance to say anything on their side of the story.  You can read a response from one of their members here.  For now, I won’t be posting more about this until more solid evidence comes to light.]


Admins can indeed see who voted individually.

I almost screenshotted it wen they all suddenly showed up, but thought “naww man, I’m sure they all already voted”. And then when it popped up with all of the votes and they were down there I messaged both Andrew and Jen with the info of who was in there and what happened. I’ve lost a lot of contests, I’m not generally upset about losing one fairly. Losing one because of a coordinated effort? Bullshit.

Technically, without proof of when they voted, you don’t have an ironclad case.  Fortunately, that’s not needed:



Anyone from TTV reading this: for shame.  I say that in all seriousness.

It’s true Pat went pretty brutal on you guys recently on BZP.  But if you have an issue with that, take it up with him personally.

This contest was not about Pat.  It was about all the MOCs submitted from the community.  It was about BZP as a whole, and the many talented MOCers we have - some of whom I’m sure are fans of your work as well.

You purposely messed with that out of petty revenge, and then you went and taunted BZP about it directly.  Contrary to what you might think, I don’t have intrinsic beef with TTV.  Some of your members I’ve had bad experiences with.  Some of your reporting I’ve not been a fan of.  Hell, I’ve heard some really awful rumors in general.  But you’ve also done good analysis and lookbacks, and you play a role in the greater Bionicle fandom.

Stuff like this only hurts the fandom as a whole.  I would much rather have a world where BZP, TTV, and any other Bionicle fansites out there were on good terms, and each served different parts of the community.  You are directly spitting in the face of that idea because you dislike one BZP staff member.

As a friend of Pat’s, you anger me.  As a staff member of BZP, you disappoint me.  And as a member of this fandom, you embarrass me.